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FEMA smartphone app
  • To search for shelters via text message,
  • text: SHELTER and your zip code to 43362 (4FEMA). For example: Shelter 01234
    (Standard rates apply).
  • Search for a

  • Disaster Recovery Center

    To search for a Disaster Recovery Center via text message, text: DRC and your zip code to 43362 (4FEMA).
    For example: DRC 01234
    (Standard rates apply).

    FEMA Housing Portal: Individuals and families who have been displaced by the disaster can use the FEMA Housing Portal to help find a place to live.

    Recovery Tips: ensuring your safety and coping with disasters


    A List of United States Electric Companies by State. Click Here



    American Red Cross


    Let Your Family Know You’re Safe

    If your community does have an emergency, Register on the American Red Cross Safe and Well Website available through
    to let your family and friends know about your welfare. If you don’t haveinternet access
    call 1-800-RED CROSS to register
    yourself and your family.



    How To Vidoes



    How to Shut Off Natural Gas

    How to Shut Off Water Main


    How to Shelter in Place


    What to do in the Event of a Tsunami


    What to do during a tornado. This guy is doing everything right. Its real life video of what you should be doing during a Tornado Warning.



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    The Adopt a Hero Program is a free service to help people adopt service personnel overseas.  We simply make the connection between the adoptee and the service personnel.

    You do not send money, you can send letters of support, email and, Packages of care items to help build morale




    Disaster Preparedness

    How to Prepare and Survive?

    What are you doing to Prepare?


    Current Disaster information in the U.S can be found


    Worldwide information on Disasters can be found at



    My Newest Prep
    This month we have built two self contained power inverters (with deep cycle batteries) that are totally portable. I love them. They have USB and 110, easy hook up battery tenders already in line,a meter that tells you how much time you will have power for and a cigarette lighter adapter plug in and a light My husband built these, one is 1500 continuous watts and the other has 2000 continuous watts.

    Tips on how to live without Electricity

    By Patty Brooks

    Sure, if you knew the electricity were
    going to be lost, then you could run out
    and buy everything you need, What
    can you do if you don't have money, access
    or time to prepare? Here a few tips.

    Safety First

    Downed Power Lines :
    Your safety is our first concern.
    If you see a downed power line, assume it
    is energized and keep yourself and others away.

    Call 911 immediately to report the
    location of the downed line,
    then call your locate service provider.
    In Northern, Call 1-800-743-5002,
    PG&E's 24-Hour Emergency
    and Customer Service Line,
    Here is a link to Utility Companies List by State

    During and after a storm, keep away from flooded
    areas and downed trees, as these areas could be
    hiding an energized power line.

    *When the power is out, unplug or turn off all electric
    appliances to avoid overloading circuits and
    fire hazards when power is restored.

    * If you have a standby generator,
    make sure that it's installed
    safely and inform PG&E to avoid risking damage to
    your property and endangering PG&E line workers
    who may be working on
    nearby power lines.

    * Avoid the risk of fire by not using candles.
    If you must use candles,
    keep them away from drapes, lamp shades
    and small children.
    Do not leave candles unattended.


    If you do not have bottled water, use 16 drops of chlorine bleach
    to one gallon of water to disinfect water before drinking
    and this includes even before brushing your teeth.
    Contaminated water can cause serious illness only adding to your
    already difficlut situation, You should not take any risks.



    If your don't own MRE's use your BBQ,
    it may become your best friend
    if you have no other way to cook.
    Dig out the old
    propane camp stove.
    (Keep a small propane bottle on hand, and then save it
    even when it becomes empty, because there are adaptors
    available that will allow you to refill the small bottle
    from the large propane tank you may have around
    the house for your BBQ).

    If you have a fireplace, you could put bricks or rocks on a circle,
    place a rack over the top and build a small fire in the middle,
    use this to cook with using all metal or duch ovens only,
    (no plastic handeled or glass top pots) the plastic will melt
    and create toxic smoke). the bricks / rocks will also
    hold heat for a while so you won't need to have a burning flame
    for heat while you sleep. Never leave a fire unattended,
    this means even while you are asleep..

    Eat the parishable foods in your refridgerator first,
    then move on the the contents to the freezer, save
    the canned goods for last, things like tuna and
    other canned foods can be eaten cold.
    Eating food in this order will reduce the amount
    of food spoilage.

    If you have a gas stove, it may still work as long as there
    is no damage to the gas line, Check for visual damage,
    listen for hissing, and use your nose, if you can smell gas,
    (the odor of rotten eggs) see damage or hear hissing
    You Must Evacuate Immediately.

    Consider eating rice, oatmeal or top ramen, boil eggs, cup a
    noodle,foods that only require hot water, its alot less work
    to create hot food if all you need to do is boil water.

    My neighborhood has lots of fruit trees to gather fruit.
    If season and weather permits.

    Drink hot water, tea, hot chocolate or instant coffee
    to keep warm. preferrably caffine free drink as caffine
    causes dehydration. Drink lots of water,
    during times of stress your body will need alot of fluids. 




    If you do use a BBQ, look around for large rocks or bricks
    to throw into the coals after you are done cooking,
    Once they are hot the will retain some heat and can be
    transfered using a shovel to a large metal cooking pot and
    brought into the house to act as a heater.
    some heat is better than no heat.
    Be careful with this if childrenand or pets have access.
    Use a fireplace if you have one, consider adding
    rocks / bricks, they will contain heat once
    the fire goes out at night during bedtime.


    Use flashlights and batteries sparingley,
    remember to dig out those camping lanterns,
    If you have an emergency power set up be sure to turn
    it off to save the power for when you really need it,
    (example: my power went off in

    the middle of the
    night causing the emergency lights to come on,
    I woke up and turned them off saving the
    stored energy for night time.

    Simply leave a single lamp on to alert you when power returns.
    Turn your appliances back on one at a time when
    conditions return to normal.

    Please be very careful with candles, they can easily
    tip over and start a fire, Personally I would not use candles
    for safety reasons. * Avoid the risk of fire by not using candles.
    If you must use candles, keep them away from drapes,
    lampshades and small children. Do not leave candles unattended.



    Fill up containers and place them in the freezer at first notice
    of an impending storm, once frozen and after the power goes out,
    move them to the fridge and it’ll help keep that cooler &
    then becomes a source of water once it melts.

    Once your refridgerator is warm empty all the contents and
    dispose of them quickly in to garbage bags and do not open
    the fridge again.
    If you do, then you will render your sink useless for dumping water.

    Use ice chests if you have access to ice. If you dont have
    ice chest but do have ice, use rubber maid bins.


    Go to bed at dusk and wake up at dawn. If the weather is cold,
    and If possible, have everyone in the house sleep in the same room.
    Personally, if the power outage is going to be long term
    (more the 48 hours) I would move all the large furniture aside
    or out and lay down just the mattresses in one room if necessary, Sleeping like puppies (all together)will help keep everyone warm, keeping all the body eat in one room will make the room warmer for everyone.

    Choose the smallest room you can fit everyone into, with the least amount of outside walls and windows, it will be easier to warm up,(you might bring your bucket of warm bricks/ rocks into this room)

    You may also consider covering the windows with plastice
    and duct tape to prevent the heat from leaving and the
    cool from entering. Dont forget to include the family pets,
    not only do thet need to sleep warm and safe,
    but they generate alot of heat when they sleep.


    Get used to cold showers, but it’ll feel good after spending
    days with no a/c in the summer. for winter:
    Boil water and use
    the bath tub for a warm bath or spnge bath,
    depending on how much water you have available. Disinfect water even before brushing your teeth.

    Medical needs

    Make sure you always have all your medications easy to find
    even in the dark, and ready to go in case you must leave in a hurry. Gather and store them into a purse or bag.

    If you do not have a first aid kit for injuries, after cleaning an
    abraision with soap and water, you can use kotex pads, panty liners, or tissue paper for covering injuries, because they are sanitary and are intended for absorbing bodily fluids. Tear strips of material to wrap and hold them in place. It is important to keep all open skin injuriues covered up. Wrap tightly to hold pressure.

    Drink lots of water, during times of stress your body will use alot of fluids.



    If your toilets wont flush, consider scooping out the water and
    line with plastic garbage bags. You may continue to use your toilet,
    (without flushing) once the bag is a little full, then tie the bag
    off and place it into a five gallon bucket, bag and all,
    once the poweris back on hold the bag over the toilet and use
    a razor knife and cut the corner off and allow it to drain back
    into the toilet and then flush it down.
    Disguard the plastic bags into another bag
    and tie it off again and disgard it.


    ATMs also need power, so dont count on them, Coins are good for
    pay phones sometimes payphone will continue to work if you are calling out of town or state, so dont give them away first, one 50 cent phone call can bring you far more valuable resources that
    50 cents can buy you in a store.

    Bartering items can also work in place of money,
    if your have canned goods and a neighbor has bottled water try
    bartering with each other.

    Work together

    Work smart with family members when standing in lines,
    rather than everyone standing in one line, split up into many
    line and the consecutively, another plan is this, if a process requires
    you to stand in one line to obtain a voucher and then move to another line to pick up the item, have one person start in the voucher line while another member starts in the pick up line, that way when you get your voucher, you can walk over and hand it to the person in the pick up line saving the time of starting over in line.

    Work smart with neighbors, help each other out in a time of need.
    Share resources, Check in with all neighbors regularly. If you know
    of disabled or elderly folks watch out and check in on them often.


    Stay informed

    *Before calling PG&E about a power outage,
    check to see if other neighbors are affected.
    This would confirm if an outage has occurred in just your
    residence or within the neighborhood area.
    Report a Power Outage: 1-800-743-5002 in
    Northern Ca.

    Northern Ca can use the same number above to
    get a status report on your outage and
    the anticipated time your power will be turned back on.
    Check the list for status numbers in other areas
    at Utility Companies List by State .
    If only your residence is without power,
    check circuit breakers and/or fuse boxes to see if the problem
    is limited to the home electric system.

    Use a battery operated radio or TV so you can keep informed.
    or listen to the radio in your vehicle if necessary to stay informed.
    Listen for updates on storm conditions and power outages.

    * If you lose power overnight, you can call PG&E to request
    a wake-up call. We'll be happy to give you a wake-up call,
    as wellas up-to-date information on your outage
    and time of restoration.
    Our phone lines may become very busy during major storms,
    so we ask for your patience if you are trying to reach us. Source


    Untilize Your Car

    I used my car heater once to dry my hair by closing off all the
    vents but one, at that one blow dried my hair as I used the brush as
    usual. It may use a little gas but it was was better that going to
    bed with wet hair and freezing all night.

    Use your car charger for your cell phone –
    cell towers may be damaged,
    but it may come back before the power If you have a land line, use
    an old fashioned corded phone that doesn’t require electricity.





    Current Data Websites


    Parents, teach your kids about
    emergency preparedness


    Here's a website just for kids


    " San Jose Prepared"
    & "CERT" Classes, For more
    information contact " San Jose Prepared"